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airnest Cot Mattress- Standard - Pre order Mid Dec

airnest Cot Mattress- Standard - Pre order Mid Dec

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Our most popular mattress!

The ultra-breathable, 100% washable cot mattress built on a nest of air.

Our flagship airnest cot mattress is designed from the core up to give optimal safety, cleanliness and comfort for your baby. Featuring the revolutionary airnest core and airnest-lite cover. Combined with the airnest system of breathable, washable bedding layers, the airnest sleep system reduces many of the risk factors associated with poor infant health.

Our airnest Mattresses are suitable right up to when an infant moves into a bed.
The mattress weight restriction is around 100kgs, so there is no trouble.
Many adults sleep on a similar product, so it is more than comfortable for any age.

Tested in accordance and met the voluntary standard: AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Methods of testing infants products, Method 1: Sleep Surfaces – test for firmness

Dimensions: 1300x690x120mm
The airnest mattress is designed to fit the most common size of cot in Australasia. We recommend checking your cot will fit the mattress before making your purchase. Here's a list of cot recommendations.


Read why the airnest mattress is better

Ultra Breathable - our breathable airnest technology reduces the risk of airway obstruction if your baby rolls over during sleep.

100% Washable  airnest's removable one-piece mattress core and spill resistant cover can be easily washed clean and dried quickly at home, reducing bacteria, mould and allergen buildup.

Improves Temperature Regulation - airnest’s market-leading breathability reduces the risk of overheating by assisting baby’s temperature regulation.

Optimal Comfort - airnest’s layers have been designed to strike the perfect balance of firmness and softness to create the optimal sleep surface for baby.

Hypoallergenic and Free From Nasties – The airnest core is made from food-grade polypropylene, with no chemical-based foams or adhesives meaning no allergens, off-gassing or other nasties. The cover is Oeko-Tex class one, classified safe for babies.

Lighter and Easy To Handle – Because of its unique construction, the airnest mattress is up to 3kg lighter than other similarly sized cot mattresses, meaning it's easier to lift in and out of the cot when required.

Reusable Without Risk - because it’s washable you can reuse your airnest mattress for a second child or gift it without also gifting germs and allergens.

Recyclable Core - airnest’s core is 100% recyclable meaning no foam or springs go into landfill at the end of its life.



    Dimensions: 1300x690x120mm

    The airnest mattress is designed to fit the most common size of cot in Australasia. We recommend checking your cot will fit the mattress before making your purchase.
    Not sure if the airnest mattress will fit your cot? Here's a list of cot recommendations.
    Composition and Care Instructions


    Red Nose Safe Sleep Recommendations
    o For optimal safety, always ensure mattress is placed flat.
    o Never overlay mattress with additional layers – the mattress should be entirely flat.
    o Only use thin mattress protectors that are strong and well fitted.
    o To reduce the risk of injury or suffocation, ensure the mattress is the recommended size for the chosen cot. The mattress should be well fitted and should be no more than: 
    - 20 mm from any cot side or end when centred on the mattress base;
    - 40 mm when the mattress is pushed to one side or end.
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