7 affordable ways for parents to say I love you this Valentine’s day

7 affordable ways for parents to say I love you this Valentine’s day

Don’t get me wrong…. I love presents but since becoming a mum, they are not as important as they used to be. Time means more and the money is better used elsewhere… like nappies! And it’s not really the same if your son opens the lingerie meant for you!

So this had me thinking – what should we do on Valentine’s day, when we are usually so focused on the kids? It’s the perfect time to refocus on your relationship and make some time for each other.

Here's is a few ideas I have come up with!

1. A romantic dinner – al fresco style

Set up a table/picnic blanket outside with a few candles once the kids have gone to bed. Uber Eats makes this even easier – just set it up on some plates and use some fancy napkins! You’ll get the time together without the cost of babysitters!

2. Hide a love note

Did your mum ever put a note and a little gift in your lunch box on your birthday? Mine did, and it always made me smile. Put one in your partner’s wallet/lunch/laptop. I’m sure it will make them feel special!

3. Go for a walk together

There is nothing more romantic than a walk at dusk! See if a family member can pop over so you can go out after the kids have gone to bed… and maybe swing past your local if you have time! 

4. Wake up early and have a coffee together

Wake up early! Who would voluntarily give up sleep as a new parent? Just put the TV on for the kids and go to work 10 minutes late.

5. A trip down memory lane

Pour a glass of bubbles and watch your wedding video/look at the wedding photos or just photos of when you first met. Maybe you can even reenact your first dance!

6. A family picnic

Valentine’s day is about the ones you love so why not spend it as a family – head to your local park/playground with some fish and chips. You can enjoy some time together as the kids play and you can always grab some desert to enjoy together when you get home!

7. Netflix and Chill!

What is better than curling up with your favorite movie snacks (popcorn of course) & finally watching that movie you have been meaning to watch together since before you had children!

Most importantly relax and enjoy each other...!

Natalie xx

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