FIVE things you need to survive the first 12 weeks!

FIVE things you need to survive the first 12 weeks!

My sister is pregnant! This has honestly been the best news for my family and Amelia will have a little playmate :)

So, we started talking about what she actually needs for the first three months. Being the OCD list-maker that I am, I pulled out my excel sheet I used when I had Liam and found that some of the most important items I used weren’t even on the original list!

So…what are the items I couldn’t have lived without?

1. Growbright airnest Pod

Yes I know this is one of my products, but I can honestly say we have used our airnest pod (almost) every day! I love how much space it has so Amelia is always able to comfortably lie flat. The mesh design and large space, means air can flow freely so there’s no need to worry about overheating - which is a big risk for babies. Now Amelia is getting a little older at seven months, it’s such a great area for her to safely play, where she has support if she tips over.

2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

We had a mesh bouncer with Liam and I thought it was totally adequate at the time. However, my sleep consultant, Kate Sommer, suggested we get one a Baby Bjorn bouncer with Amelia. We managed to borrow one from a friend and Amelia absolutely loved it! She just seemed so much more comfortable in there. It’s very safe, with large rubber grips on the legs, and so easy to bounce with your foot.

It was also the perfect spot to start feeding her in as she didn’t wobble around too much.

3. Black and White Book

These little black and white books are a must, they are so soft you can literally clip them to the capsule/stroller plus they easily sit in front or beside your baby when they are doing tummy time or relaxing. It’s my go to gift for new parents!

4. White Noise Machine

We used a white noise machine with both our children. Liam loved a melody and Amelia loves the ocean. I wonder if this says anything about their personalities?

White noise masks other household noises, such as older siblings. I’ve found it extremely useful for helping children sleep longer - particularly for day sleeps.

If we’re away and accidentally forget it, I just use my iPhone and connect to our Growbright white noise playlist. You can download it here.

5. A Pram Bassinet- the bigger the better!

Whenever someone tells me they’re not getting a pram bassinet, I look at them funny. Jokes… each to our own, however, it’s something I found essential with our children.

Liam needed a lot of walking in the early days and we would set out on big walks as I knew it was a safe place for him to be. Walking really helped him get through his sleep cycle. However, sleep consultant Kate told me it was best to make sure he fell asleep while the pram was not moving so he wouldn’t get used to being rocked to sleep.

With Amelia we decided to get a new pram with a bigger bassinet so she would last longer in it, as Liam grew out of it at about three months. So, we decided to get the Bugaboo Fox because it also had a seat option for Liam. We used it differently this time. I’d still walk with it but not as frequently as I have a toddler now too. However, Amelia would sleep very easily in there if we went to other people’s homes or to the beach. I think she’s better in there than Liam because the bassinet was larger so there was more airflow around her – or maybe she’s just an easier baby.

Plus, when we stayed the night somewhere, and she was in our room, we’d easily wheel her out when we went to bed and wanted to read or watch TV.

    And these close runner ups need a mention.

    The Great Monitor Debate

    Do you really need a monitor? Yes. I know some people feel like you can just listen out for the child or you don’t need the screen, but I personally couldn’t live without a monitor. Whenever my kids have been sick, instead of being nervous to go into their room and wake them up, I can literally turn it on and look for movement. You need to make sure the monitor has night vision mode and turn it right up to listen for any breathing noises or squeaks.

    We had one that had the heart monitor pads as I was told that’s what I should have. However, we never used the pads as we were told they sometimes go off by mistake and it really freaked out some of our friends.

    A Humidifier

    I didn’t know about humidifiers before I had children. We’ve put it in our room if one of us has a cold. It really helps to moisten the air. Dry air can dry out your sinuses, lowering resistance to bacteria and viruses. A humidifier helps relieve congestion. We add Vicks eucalyptus drops into ours, as you can’t use Vicks on a child under two. The scent of menthol is also meant to help soothe and ease congestion.

    On a family holiday, Liam had a terrible cold so I got my husband, who was coming to meet us, to bring the humidifier with him. That night Liam slept so much better.  I later found out that some chemists hire them out.

    airnest Nursing Pillow

    It's important to have a good nursing pillow to make sure you’re sitting in the right position when you're feeding. I had a constant sore neck with Liam, but have noticed a big improvement with Amelia having the nursing pillow this time around. I have been working with my pre and post-natal physios and they have created a tip sheet on how to feed properly with a nursing pillow. We’ll post this soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

    I hope you all find this list helpful! There are so many products out there and we are all different, but if anyone has any essentials I haven't mentioned, let me know so I can pass it on to my sister!

    Natalie xx


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