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Guest Blog: Has your baby started standing in their cot? The Sleep Teacher gives her advice!
Guest Blog: Has your baby started standing in their cot? The Sleep Teacher gives her advice!


Has your little one recently discovered something very cool and new; standing up in their cot!?

Are they wanting to practice this during the night, most commonly around that 1:00am-3:00am point? What you are seeing is a developmental leap – as frustrating as it can be for parents, it is so normal and common for your little one to want to do this throughout the night.

What can often happen is, parents hear their children awake and panic as they should be sleeping, right?! Well, our advice is – let them do their thing! If they are just awake crawling around the cot, using new words or standing up – just let them go and allow them to do so, even if it seems like forever. Try to avoid going in to ‘force’ them back to sleep by rocking, picking up, patting etc. This will not only stimulate your baby and make it that much more difficult for them to settle resulting in you both becoming frustrated. But also potentially create habits that can disrupt sleep that weren’t there before.

If they become upset, offer some reassurance, lay them back down in the cot (if standing) and give some more space. It is a phase that will pass within a couple of weeks!

If you have any questions on this, get in touch with @thesleepteacher on Instagram.

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