Handy uses for the airnest Swaddle Blanket

Handy uses for the airnest Swaddle Blanket

The perfect blend of 95% TENCEL™ and 5% spandex gives the airnest Swaddle Blanket exceptional moisture wicking properties and softness that feels so good on baby’s skin! This blend is lightweight, breathable, plush, and durable.

The airnest Swaddle Blanket is a super versatile piece in your baby kit, with uses extending beyond a swaddle or blanket. With so much baby gear out there, what's not to love about a multi-purpose item?

Here are some other ways to use your airnest Swaddle Blanket:

1. Stroller or car sun shade

Most baby strollers will have a sun shade on them, but sometimes the stroller canopy just doesn’t cut it. Using the blanket as an extra sun shade while out for walks or in the car is a great way to get extra use out of your swaddle.

2. Sun cover

Little skin is very sensitive to the sun, the airnest Swaddle Blanket is perfect for keeping little ones covered from the sun, but still airy enough to keep them from getting too hot.

3. Warmth (as a blanket)

The airnest Swaddle Blanket is like the jumper your mother always told you to bring. It's perfect to drape around your little one in any setting to provide some extra warmth or comfort.

4. Swaddling

Ok, this is a pretty obvious use for a swaddle blanket, but given all the other amazing ways you can use this excellent baby blanket, it’s easy to forget that they are the perfect blanket for swaddling a baby

5. Playmat

The airnest Swaddle Blanket is perfect to pop down on the ground for your little one to take in a bit of tummy time.

6. Change mat

Nappy changing on the go can sometimes be tricky if there aren't facilities immediately available, in this case, pop the airnest Swaddle Blanket down on the ground or your chosen surface and you're good to go!

7. Nursing cover

Given you will have one in your bag anyway, why not use your swaddle blanket as a nursing cover? These comfy baby blankets make a wonderful nursing cover since they are the perfect size and so light and airy!

8. Top sheet

As your little one gets a bit older, the airnest Swaddle Blanket can be used as a top sheet, perfect for all seasons.

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