How is the airnest Mattress safer for your baby?

How is the airnest Mattress safer for your baby?

The airnest mattress system has been designed in an effort to create the safest possible sleep environment for babies and toddlers. All airnest products incorporate bright solutions which address key risk factors associated with SIDS, and to general infant ill-health.


All products are ultra-breathable, meaning that when your baby starts rolling-over, they’ll be at lower risk of disrupted airflow.

With increased breathability, your baby will be better able to self-regulate their temperature, reducing risks around overheating.


Every part of the airnest mattress system is made to be easily washed and dried. Accidents are going to happen, so it’s best to be ready for them. This has the added benefit of reducing the risk factors of bacteria and mould build up.

Unlike traditional cot mattresses, the airnest mattress core is made of a polymer weave which is 95% air by volume, meaning it can be easily washed in the bath or shower.

Because it's fully cleanable, inside and out, the airnest mattress is safer to store and use with other babies.


By using carefully selected natural fibres like merino and TENCEL® in the mattress protector and sheets, as well as the airnest lite™ technical fabric on the mattress cover, every part of your baby’s sleep surface allows just the right amount of airflow, and the perfect mix of firm and soft, to keep them safe and comfortable.

Premium natural fibres used in high-contact products, like the airnest Merino Mattress Protector, add comfort, while eliminating the need to use less-breathable alternatives.

This also allows your baby’s body to better self-regulate temperature and the natural Merino and Tencel fibers wick moisture away - meaning better sleeps.

airnest’s layers have been designed to strike the perfect balance of firmness and softness to create the optimal sleep surface for baby.


Because of its unique construction, the airnest mattress is up to 3kg lighter than other similarly sized cot mattresses, meaning it's easier to lift in and out of the cot when required.

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