Journey to Motherhood: Documenting my pregnancy

Journey to Motherhood: Documenting my pregnancy

Ok, I'll admit it; I haven't been documenting my journey so far!

I have taken one photo which was of my partner's hand on my belly, but having just eaten an ice cream I cannot confirm how much was dairy bloat and how much was baby...but still the sentiment is there. Pretty much all I have to show so far is two scans and a blood test, I don't even know where my positive pregnancy test went.

In my personal life, I often shy away from the camera, but lately I'm feeling like I need to make more of an effort to document the journey that my partner and I are going through, even if we are going to just pop the pictures in an online folder for future.

It's tricky because at four months, I don't really have a bump yet, so there isn't much for me to photograph. Instead of bump photos, my partner has been capturing life before baby; meals out at nice restaurants that don't have a kid's menu, our weekly date night, weekends and trips away, moments in our daily life - anything we can show to our children in the future to say "See! We were once young and fun too!" 

A friend of mine who now has a ten week old, diligently took photos each step of the way in the same jeans and black bra to show the changes she went through from month one to one month with baby M. 

I guess my main piece of advice is not to let what you see online or in your friend group dictate how you should be documenting your pregnancy. Some social media users are more than happy to showcase their pregnancy to thousands of followers, while others keep their updates for close friends and family - and both are totally ok! 

The main question I've been asking myself through this journey is "will I regret not capturing this moment?" and if you can happily answer no to that, then keep doing what you're doing.

Although I can't see myself taking the monthly milestone pictures, I did once create a Valentine's appreciation post on Instagram for my cat, so anything is possible once baby arrives.

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