Natalie's gift guide….Christenings, Birthdays & Christmas!

Natalie's gift guide….Christenings, Birthdays & Christmas!


We have celebrated some monumental occasions in the past few years and I have always been blown away with the beautiful gifts we have received, whenever it’s my turn to buy a gift I always get stuck so this year I am planning to have presents finished by the end of November so I am not doing any last minute unthoughtful gifts!

Here are some ideas to help spark some inspiration for your gift buying into the silly season!

Hope this is helpful (sorry in advance to my family if you now know what’s coming your way)

by Natalie xxx

Ideas for him

  • Le Labo Eau de toilette - It’s fairly hefty in price but smells divine and you can personalize! Imagine a name or a special date? NB – need to link to aus site
  • Triumph & Disaster deodorant - a perfect little stocking filler or Secret Santa! 
  • Reusable coffee mug – I love this one from TDE 
  • For the golf lover 
  • BBQ course or fish filleting class
  • A lemon tree – for father’s day I got one for my hubby that already had a couple of beautiful lemons on it. I wanted to make sure it was mature enough that it would not take too long to fruit. It’s important to get them in the ground as soon as possible and make sure you feed them properly! Let me know if you need any extra advice on this J
  • Kubb, it is such a great game to have over the summer. A good time with friends and family – I love this set from Kubb brothers as it can be personalized making it an extra special gift.
  • Tech case or power bank – very handy over the summer travel period

Ideas for her

  • I personally am hoping for some old fashioned champagne glasses…think Great Gatsby! Preferably from an antique store as I love the idea about reviving treasures from the past. But here is another option.
  • If you can’t tell I am totally crushing on TDE - check it out as there is something for everyone, I recently gave my sister the travel beauty case and she was so happy with them. They come packaged so beautifully as well!
  • Diptyque candle, I fell in love with this one when I was in London but you can get them in NZ too – you can never have to many candles! 
  • I just picked up this amazing Emma Lewisham skincare. It's great for pigmentation (which often occurs during pregnancy) and it's a 100% clean product!
  • Cooking class voucher – I have always enjoyed the interactive classes
  • A special dinner set – if you want to get something really luxurious but you can’t afford the whole set you can buy one each celebration. My sister & I have started getting my mother a Versace plate each birthday and Christmas. She wants to mix and match them – I think it’s quite a cool idea!


Now when it comes to the kids I’m not going to fill you with lots of plastic suggestions but instead the main item I am getting both of the kids, and a few meaningful gifts they will hopefully be able to use for a while or keep for a long time.

For Amelia (who will be 16 months) I bought a dolls pram from Milk Tooth. I just love it and it’s the perfect place to put all her little dollies. I am also considering getting her a dolls house, something like this, as our whole house is full with boys toys. When it comes to Liam, he has been asking for a drone and a robot. My husband has found him a kid friendly drone they can play with together and we are considering getting him a bike (his birthday is on the 4th Jan so one for each!

Here are a few other little keepsake ideas…


  • Keep sake box
  • Special money box engraved
  • The printed newspaper from the day they were born
  • A special teddy that can sit in there room
  • A masculine photo frame
  • A piece of special stone – for example greenstone
  • A weather barometer that they can hang on the wall


  • TDE bag 
  • Glass jewellery box, I love this one my mum got for Amelia – I am currently keeping little buttons in it 
  • Music box, Amelia got one of these for her christening and both kids love it so much I even had to get Liam one! 
  • Money box – If you want to go for a luxe version try the Vera Wang piggy bank but I also love the Sunnylife unicorn one.
  • Photo frame – loving all of the Kate Spade and Vera Wang ones for a special occasion

For the grandparents, I often like to get them something they can do with the kids, think a zoo pass or a kite. This year we will be making some gifts for each of them, so it's much more meaningful! If you want to see what we are making you can see follow along on Instagram.

Hope you found some ideas on here! I am looking forward to the festive season!! 

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