Why is Merino Wool so great for babies?

Why is Merino Wool so great for babies?

The number one question we get from customers (especially those of you in warmer parts of Australia) is “Won’t merino wool be too hot for my baby?” We’ll cover this off in more depth below, but the short answer is no! Merino is amazingly clever, it is warm and cosy in winter, and nice and cool in Summer, so it really is perfect for babies as they have trouble regulating their temperature.

A natural fibre, which is also biodegradable and renewable, Merino is the world’s finest wool. It is extremely soft and lightweight which is what we want for our babies. Because it is so soft, it is often used as a next-to-skin layer, but if your baby has sensitive skin, a cotton bodysuit underneath a merino layer, or sheets on top of our merino mattress protector can be a good option.

We are pretty passionate about Merino wool and the benefits it brings to the baby sleep environment, as there are many others aside from temperature regulation. Read on!

Temperature Regulating; Natural Insulator and 100% breathable 

    This is so important for babies, as we mentioned above, they are not able to regulate their own body temperatures yet. Merino can do this for them, it has a natural crimp in the fibre which traps body heat in air pockets, but it is also 100% breathable so it is able to release the warmth as needed so your baby doesn’t overheat (a risk factor associated with SIDs). This is why merino is just as great for babies in warmer climates as it is in cooler ones. The breathability factor of merino wool in our mattress protector is also important as it doesn’t compromise the airflow of the airnest mattress!

    Moisture Wicking

    Merino can absorb large amounts of moisture away from the skin and effectively transfer it back into the air, rather than retain it as sweat. So as well as keeping baby cool, it also keeps them nice and dry. 

    Naturally Fire Retardant

    Because of its naturally high nitrogen and water content, merino wool has a far higher level of fire safety than other fibres (it requires a higher level of oxygen in the surrounding environment in order to burn). In addition to this, it does not melt, drip or stick to the skin when it does burn. Obviously this is a great benefit to have in your babies sleep space.

      Odour Resistant 

      Merino wool naturally resists bacteria build up, which is what causes the odour when we sweat. No bacteria build up, means no odour!

      Easy to Care for

      Because of the moisture wicking and odour-resistant qualities, merino does not have to be washed as often as other fibres. But when we are talking babies, there are obviously going to be unavoidable accidents that are best not left to naturally evaporate! In these instances, our mattress protector can go in the washing machine and dryer, for a quick change in between naps/sleeps!

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