What parents are saying

"I have been breastfeeding for over 14 months and I am so surprised that the airnest Nursing Pillow is so much better than the typical all-foam nursing pillows. The airnest Nursing Pillow is absolutely breathable which is perfect for summer. I love the adjustable waist strap so that I can adjust the perfect breastfeeding angle. Highly recommend it to you all."

- Grace, Australia


"I love the fact that I can easily wash every single part of this Mattress. My toddler runs at a higher temp than most due to medical reasons so he produces a lot of sweat in the warmer months. I will be washing the cover and the nest every week to keep it clean and hygienic for him. A great invention!"

Olivia — Tauranga, NZ


“We searched high and low for a safe, breathable mattress when I was pregnant over a year ago. Once we discovered the Airnest Mattress, we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for. The reduced risk of airway obstruction has meant that we have added peace of mind during the developmental leaps that saw our son rolling and eventually sleeping on his tummy. The BEST investment we made for our baby!"

Erika - Sydney, NSW


"The safety of my baby during sleep time and play time is so important, so purchasing the Airnest Mattress and Pod for sleep and play was a no brainer. We’ll get years of use out of them too which is ever better!"

Lucy - Auckland, NZ


“The airnest Pod has been such a lifesaver this Summer. It's so light and easily portable, perfect for family trips to the beach and park. It's great that it's so easy to wash, so I can still use it inside even after a day at the beach with just a quick clean of the cover in the washing machine!”

Catherine - Point Wells, NZ


"A FTM, I find the airnest Pod a complete blessing as my daughter sleeps the best on it. She refuses to sleep in her bassinet but just loves the airnest Pod. It's easy to care for. Love the quality of the product. Certainly one of the best purchases I have made for my LO."

Puja - Melbourne, VIC


“Love our new mattress and merino mattress protector, and our little boy does too! Comfy, breathable and such high quality. He always looks so peaceful and happy in his crib Daddy made, complimented perfectly by the Airnest goodies.”

Kim - Waiheke Island, NZ


"The age of nursing gymnastics has begun. I find my airnest nursing pillow makes it significantly more comfortable — I’m able to relax and let Stevie take her time. I have used this since Stevie was a little dot and it is genuinely the best "

Jess - Auckland, NZ


“The airnest Nursing Pillow keeps Flynn in the right position for feeding and takes the weight off my wrists. The breathable airnest tencel cover helps with temperature regulation, for both of us. This would make a perfect baby shower gift, I wish I had one the first time around!”

Tegan - Melbourne, VIC