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By Natalie

Memory Foam Pillow, for you

Memory Foam Pillow, for you

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Feel: Medium- Firm

Height profile: Medium

Ideal for: Back and side sleepers; Sleepers with neck or back pain

Our most supportive pillow, the luxurious Memory Foam Pillow cleverly moulds with your head and neck, distributing weight evenly, for unparalleled comfort and pressure-point relief. Our memory foam moulds have advanced properties that enable them to contour with the shape of your head but are elastic enough to mould back into shape when you get up quickly. The cotton/TENCEL cover is soft and naturally moisture wicking for optimum breathability.

is this pillow for you?
  • Perfect for both back and side sleepers or sleepers with back/neck pain
  • Medium to firm feel
  • Luxurious memory foam pillow that moulds with your head and neck for exceptional comfort
  • Easy to remove, washable cover


Want an extra layer of luxury? Choose a deluxe topper to enclose your by Natalie support pillow.

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product details
  • Dimensions: 66 x 40 x 5cm gusset
  • Three-year warranty provided
  • Cotton/TENCEL cover
  • Fits most pillowcases
  • Comes with a vibrant purple dust bag
  • Sustainable cotton/Tencel  material pillow cover is provided with each purchase
  • Tencel is sustainability produced; we source our materials from eucalyptus trees
  • Made in New Zealand


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